Community Impact Project by Brittany from Lincoln Heights

Homelessness, Compassion and Entrepreneurship

Hi! This video is a short documentary of my journey working with GoBe and Mentor For Change! GoBe is an amazing Non-Profit Organization that helps donate supplies to those in the Los Angeles area. Check out to make a change today!
Growing up near DTLA, I have witnessed the challenges of this area and been an advocate for helping those in need. There are around 8,000 people without a home right now in downtown Los Angeles, alone. There are now more than 36,000 homeless people in the city of LA, and nearly 59,000 across LA county
Skid row in Downtown Los Angeles
According to, the top reasons someone becomes homeless are:
  •  31% job loss
  • ​20% drug or alcohol use
  • ​15% divorce or separation
  • ​13% argument with family 
  • ​7% domestic violence
  • ​10% eviction
  • ​7% mental health
  • ​7% physical health or medical condition
  • ​12% incarceration
  • ​1% housing restrictions due to probation or parole
All these reasons are justifiable reasons that someone may be homeless, not because they are “lazy” or “chose that life.” More significantly, 31% percent of homeless people surveyed said that rental assistance could have helped them get off the streets.

A Partnership with GoBe

GoBe is a nonprofit organization that helps many homeless individuals around the greater LA area receive assistance with many items that have been donated from people around the area or have money raised to get these necessities.

Their overall mission is to support those who are transitioning from homelessness into new homes by providing them with domestic necessities that would be challenging to gather when first moving in.

My Big Idea: Depop!

I used a platform called Depop to sell used/thrifted clothes/items. I was able to raise $300 to purchase every item I needed to complete my GoBe Welcome Home Kit without having to solicit any donations. It took me 3 weeks to raise the money and I was able to execute my service project in a month. I already was an active seller on Depop, and I know that it’s a good way to give and receive without it being one-sided, which makes me feel better about making a profit. 

Another reason I was glad to use Depop was knowing that its many Sellers and Buyers don’t support “fast fashion,” which is overpriced & not sustainable. Selling fashionable yet inexpensive, thrifted clothing that is in outstanding condition made me feel better knowing I could: 1) give back to people in need and  2) help shoppers who could not afford expensive clothing due to limited finances.  

Incorporating My Mentor's Profession

A welcome home greeting card inserted in GoBE kits, designed by Brittany's mentor, Sarah, a graphic designer by profession.
Sarah (my mentor) is a Graphic Designer. As someone who enjoys film and editing, I asked her if she could create Congratulation Cards for me and my fellow mentees who are working on the GoBE Welcome Home Kits. With her hard work and time, she helped record a speeded up video of her designing the card. By doing this, I was able to understand more about the process of editing using an advanced piece of editing software.

The Impact on My Community

My City: Partnering with and supporting the nonprofit organization GoBE. All their attention and work is put into doing better for others and changing the lives of those who most need help for FREE! 

My City & Beyond: The effect of this all would naturally be to spread awareness and thus multiply the social impact of GoBe and other similarly minded organizations that help the homeless.
My Peers: I have had friends repost my video on their stories for others to see on Instagram and Twitter. Also, I shared the video on Zoom with a club I run at my school. Currently, we are thinking of additional ways to volunteer with other programs that serve the homeless.

What I Learned: Skills & Compassion

  •  Technical skills in film & graphic editing
  • ​Entrepreneurial skills using Depop app
  • ​Greater understanding of homelessness as a communal deficit and need rather than merely an individual problem
  • ​Feeling gratitude for my mentor's investment in me as well as for the knowledge, skills & encouragement I received from MFC's Workshops & other volunteers. Thank you!

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