Community Impact Project by Stacy from East Hollywood

A New Way to Restore Mental Health in High Schools

At the Student Wellness Center, our aim is to increase the mental health literacy on campus through outreach programs and community-based events, whilst simultaneously providing a location where students may go to receive support and access to resources that cover all seven core aspects of wellness. In collaboration with students and faculty, program advancement will be modified to best meet the needs of our students.
Students at John Marshall High School in support of a wellness center.
The problem
When talking about mental health there is such a huge stigma that follows it, especially in high school. There isn’t much support when it comes to it, and most of the time students are clueless about the support that is offered in their school. Another big factor to why students don’t reach out is because they don’t feel comfortable talking to an adult.

How my project will help 
Increase mental health literacy on campus and provide a location where students may go to receive support and access to resources that cover all seven core aspects of wellness.

Its meaning to me
I have always had a soft spot for helping others and mental health awareness. I saw my friends struggle and not get the help they needed so I wanted them to have a place where they can get resources.

My Goals

  • Increase mental health literacy among students.
  • Decrease the stigma of mental illness and provide spaces for conversations that promote aspects of wellness.
  • ​Increase student engagement through a variety of events targeting their needs and interests
  • ​Expand into our surrounding communities to educate youth about the Wellness center and how to replicate the peer mentoring model
  • ​Create a safe space where students may go and access resources and student support
  • ​Improve general school climate at John Marshall high to ensure the success of all students
Fundraising letters and proposals to secure financial resources for the wellness center at John Marshall High School.
The John Marshall High School Wellness Center under construction.
The John Marshall High School Wellness Center coming together during COVID-19 pandemic.

Say Hey Day!

Every third Thursday of the month, students have the option to meet at the mound and participate in activities that include student unity and community dialogue. The intent is to have students feel safe and comfortable in a new environment. Students also can meet new people and establish new bonds and relationships.
Students at John Marshall High School during a Say Hey Day event.
Peace Over Violence is an organization the Marshall Wellness Center works with to provide resources and training that can spread awareness about problems that revolve around violence.

The Resource List

Inside the wellness center and our Say Hey Day events we would pass out sheets of papers that would provide student a list of resources they could use. Some of which I found through my mentor Gloria.

A New Way of Helping Through COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, we hit a big bump on the road. So instead, we created a video that brings awareness to mental health during the pandemic, and we used social media to spread the word.
A look into how the Wellness Center adapted to COVID-19 pandemic and provided mental health awareness and support via social media.

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