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From Our 2022 Mentees
Watch this heart-warming short video of our 2022 mentees as they share their gratitude.

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Enjoy this slideshow of our 2022 MFC cohort. Watch how workshops, speakers, and personal relationships transform lives of the mentees, and the mentors!

Impact That Lasts

Real impact starts here. Be inspired by the Community Impact Projects from MFC mentees who have successfully completed the program.

Where are they now?

In their own words, mentees describe how MFC enabled them to persevere and pursue their biggest dreams. Their stories are examples of heartfelt hope and impact. 

"My name is Ruben and I am a graduate of the mentorship program that was formerly known as Connect Lincoln Heights and is now called Mentor For Change. Currently, I am a Credential and Kinesiology Master’s program student at California Polytechnic Humboldt. There, I am on track to become a Special Education teacher through which I aspire to be a mentor to young people..."
"Ever since my high school years, MFC has continuously provided a lot of help. My mentor has stood by my side through my hardest moments and joyful moments, too. When I was in high school, I faced many academic difficulties as an immigrant student so my GPA wasn’t really competitive. I was really afraid about whether..."
"Mentor For Change has been a useful resource in my transition from being a junior to a senior in high school and then from being a high school senior to a college student. The mentorship that I received and continue to receive has helped me in diverse ways. The MFC staff members are more like our friends. School is difficult and sometimes our..."

Stories from our mentors

Mentor for Change wouldn't be complete without devoted mentors. Their stories deeply moves the hearts of all people to build up the next generation by restoring trust, encouragement and hope.

Erik Jimenez Rodriguez

"During the most difficult season of my life when I was studying for the LSAT to be admitted to a competitive law school, I also took on the added challenge of becoming a mentor with MFC. 

I found greater motivation to continue with my studies knowing that I was a role model for my mentee Jorge who was also navigating difficult circumstances. My working full-time to help provide for my family and save money to finance my graduate education, while also serving as a mentor, inspired my mentee Jorge to keep working toward his aspirations to graduate, help provide for his multigenerational household, and pursue his highest career objectives in the field of his choice. Through the many moments we shared candidly about our families, perspectives on life, dreams, and love and hope for humanity, we mutually grew in spirit, understanding, and resolve. This is what I found most rewarding about mentoring: I not only gave but received inspiration. 

Growing up poor, undocumented, and in underserved communities has always fueled my passion to empower youth who also come from where I am from. It is why I am so grateful for MFC. I could have easily been one of the adolescents benefiting from the services they provide. As I continue to work toward accomplishing my professional and societal goals and dreams, MFC will continue to be an important ally in my life."

Marbella Lupercio

"In my life I have come across various mentors who have helped shape and transform my perspective on life. I strongly believe my success is attributable to the advice and guidance I received throughout my challenges in high school and college. 

When I stressed about my studies and faced personal problems that seemed impossible to deal with, talking with my mentor allowed me to seek the advice and guidance to deal with my difficult situations. My mentors helped me get into college and consistently gave me advice to advance my career path. 

I recall the time I suffered a great loss of kin and despite having to deal with this difficulty, my mentor was there to offer me support and encouraged me to stay on track with my studies and not give up. 

I value mentorship and thus have served as a mentor in collaboration with my university, workplace, and MFC. I believe it is our responsibility to mentor diverse youth, especially those who have not grown up with the incalculable benefits of economic/social/educational advantages. 

As a mentor, I seek to equip the next generation of diverse talents so that they too can dream expansively and pursue their ambitions with grit."

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