Mentoring for a Better Tomorrow

Unlocking the Potential of LA's Youths through Career-Based Mentoring
You hold the key to empower LA's youths to be equipped for college, discover careers they love, and give back to their community. 

Relationships Matter

A youth's path to wholeness and peace depends on the health of his or her relationships to family, neighborhood, and community. These relationships shape their mental health and educational opportunities as well as their personal and professional identities. 

This is why at Mentor for Change, we invest in the following Top 4 Initiatives. Our goal is to strengthen key relationships that will enable LA's youths to thrive and to realize their dreams.

Our Top 4 Initiatives

  • Relationship-Oriented Mentorship
  • ​Community Impacting Leadership
  • ​Academic and Professional Integration
  • ​Youth Economic Mobility

One Mentor One Year

Can Change A Life

In just one year, an intentional mentor-mentee relationship can nurture a youth to pursue his or her dreams, thrive in school, and give back to his or her local community by solving real problems together.

Our Outcomes


graduation from high school


matriculation in higher education at community colleges, CSUs, UCs, and/or private universities 


employment in chosen profession after earning Associate's, Bachelor's, and/or Master's degrees 


participation in community service in high school and the great majority sustain community service in college/post-graduation 

How It Works

Apply or Nominate

Step 1
Apply or Nominate

Apply to be a mentor or mentee. 
The application and interview process starts August 2022.

Get Mentored

Step 2: 
Get Mentored

Participate in Personal Development Workshops, 1:1 Meetings, and Community Impact Projects.

Receive Scholarship

Step 3
Receive Scholarship

Grow through Community Impact Projects. Mentees will receive a $1000 or $2000 scholarship.
The MFC Scholarship
The MFC Scholarship
A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to mentees who meet three criteria: 1) completion of the program, 2) a high school diploma, and 3) verification of higher education enrollment.

An additional $1,000 will be awarded to a mentee who develops the most effective Community Impact Project from each cohort.

For Mentees

Build Your Professional Identity

  • Receive access to a relationship-centered program designed to help youths succeed
  • ​Get matched with a working professional who is living his or her career dream
  • ​Enjoy 8 monthly personal development workshops with breakfast and lunch
  • ​Discover your strengths and passions to explore future career paths
  • Get ​access to professional networks, internships, and future job opportunities
  • ​Improve your presentation, writing and public communication skills
  • ​Experience greater peace and confidence with improved mental wellness

Strengthen Your Local Community

  • Grow your ability to serve by leading a Community Impact Project
  • ​Strengthen leadership and relationship skills within family, school, and community
  • ​Get real life skills to effectively survey, research, organize and solve problems for your community

Expand Your College & Scholarship Options

  • Get $1000 in MFC scholarship upon completion of the program with verification of enrollment in a higher education institution
  • ​Receive another $1000 if your Community Impact Project is the most effective 
  • ​Visit job sites and college campuses to expand your sense of possibilities
  • ​Connect with financial advisors, higher education counselors, business owners, and more
  • ​Experience greater confidence in grades, college admissions, scholarships and financial aids

For Mentors & Donors

Directly Impact the Next Generation

  • Invest in youths who will become first-generation college students
  • ​Multiply the progress and prosperity of your local community
  • ​Lift up the next generation by distributing equal opportunity 
  • Fuel meaningful relationships that will nurture our nation's progress

Grow Your Leadership Skills

  • Share your knowledge and resources to  influence the next generation
  • ​Strengthen your leadership and relationship skills 
  • ​Develop your ability to encourage, uplift, and inspire anyone
  • ​Grow your network with heart-centered partners, donors & mentors

Invest in Economic Mobility & Inclusion

  • Contribute to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the workforce
  • ​Improve your company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through our overall contribution to ESG, or Environmental and Social Governance metrics
  • ​Mobilize the most economic vulnerable youths to financial security 
  • ​Increase our nation's social capital by investing in relationships
  • Nurture a future generation who can become self-sufficient in creating income and living engaged lives

Our Partners

Sacks Glazier Franklin & Lodise


Susanna Mission Agency

Sacks Glazier Franklin & Lodise


Susanna Mission Agency

Give Today to Impact the Future

With the help of your 100% tax-deductible donation, we can equip the next generation of youths with the relationships, knowledge, tools, and support to fund and implement their dreams. 

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